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During the summer 0f 2008, I woke up one morning with a drive to live a healthy lifestyle. Since then, I've made many changes and lost nearly 50 pounds. Many of my friends and family members have come to me, asking about what I'm doing & how I'm doing it. While I certainly would never claim to be an expert, I'm happy to share what I've learned along the way.

So after careful thought... "The Accidental Fat Chick" has hatched... with the hope of helping at least one person and to be the accountability I need to finish what I started. :)

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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Results Are In...

Erika & I did our final measurements for our 2-4-8-10 Challenge this morning, final weigh in is tomorrow. Until the Around the World Challenge last year I had never paid that much attention to measurements... but this is really eye opening for me.

14 1/2 inches lost!

My waist said adios to 4 inches & my hips gave away 5 inches (2 1/4" just in the last four weeks!). And my thighs that never give an inch somehow shed 3". And of course, the girls had to give their share as well (though I would've been really happy for them reject the idea).

Here are pics from Day 1 & from today... 12 weeks later.

Now that the final pics have been taken, these pants are officially retired! They are just too big... darn it, lol. Its a tiny bit bittersweet because they are my favorite workout pants, but I'll be more than happy to shop for a new favorite pair!
If you comment regularly, you probably know that I try to respond to comments via email. And if you've commented recently, you probably know I'm way behind on this little aspect of blogging. I swear its all the extra time I'm spending at the gym sapping the strength from my typing fingers & turning my brain to mush. I'll get caught up... eventually.
I want to extend a warm welcome to all of my new followers! I'm so happy you've decided to join me & I look forward to your comments. :)
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Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


JewliaGoulia said...

Wow! Look at the difference. You look fantastic!



dani31608 said...

You look great! CONGRATS!

midlife_swimmer said...

you look happier too! wonderful difference! AND no need to email I know you care :)

fitncrafty said...

Wow you look amazing! Good for you! You should e VERY excited to retire those pants... soon it will be summer and you wont need those pants anymore anyway!! Pass them on! come visit sometime!

Shelli Ryan said...

You look great! What a difference those inches make! Keep up the good work girl!

. said...

Good for you! I like what you said about not being a victim. Yes people have been through far worse than you, there are people who are doing far better than you but are very negative. So hats off to you for your courage! Your pics look great, keep it up.