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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Changing Tastes

How many times have you heard an "expert" say if you eliminate certain things from your diet that eventually your taste for them will change? Did you believe them? I've always been a little skeptical that my tastes for certain things - chocolate, cheese, mug root beer - would ever change. Sure there are things I don't crave the way I used to, but I still have a taste for them and enjoy them when I do indulge.

Last night, I was hungry and decided on a bowl of Grape Nuts for a snack. I have to admit that there are certain cereals I do not eat without putting real sugar on them & Grape Nuts happens to be one of them. So, I carefully measured my serving of cereal & my milk. Then, I opened the sugar...

And let me stop right here and ask: Have you ever really smelled sugar?

The smell is disgusting! It doesn't smell like anything I'd ever think of putting in my mouth on its own, yet I pour it all over cereal? What the heck?

Despite the smell, I put my usual amount of sugar on the cereal & headed to my comfy spot on the sofa (yes, I know its not good to eat in front of the tv... but that's for another post). The first bite I was like "why is this so damn sweet?" The second bite I was thinking "did they start adding sugar to Grape Nuts?" (which I know they haven't, lol). By the third bite I knew there was NO way I could finish the bowl of cereal. In the trash it went!

Then this morning, the same thing happened with my bowl of steel cut oats with berries & splenda. Let me just say I rarely use Splenda (or any artificial sweetener), but this is one rare exception for me. Anyway, with my usual amount it was so sicky sweet I could barely eat it. Not as bad as the Grape Nuts, but pretty icky just the same.

I realize I've been at the healthy lifestyle & making mostly healthy choices for the last 18 months or so... but this is new to me!

How have your tastes changed? What things have you lost a taste for over time?


midlife_swimmer said...

fried stuff

makes me ill now.

Jo said...

I have lost interest in alcohol. I never thought that would happen, but I can seriously go for weeks without the thought of a glass of wine crossing my mind

Melissa said...

I think that this can go both ways. There are some healthy foods that I overate and then couldn't stand. For example, everyday for lunch I would bring a yogurt and I got so sick of it that I went like 3 years without eating it. Luckily, that love of yogurt came back!! I still don't think I'll ever get sick of chocolate though ;-)

She woke up FAT said...

It's sugar for me as well. I can taste even the slightest pinch of sugar added. OH and salt.
I was once the salt Queen. A sprinkled everything with salt. Now I add it to NOTHING.

Stacey K said...

soda. I can't drink the stuff anymore. I don't care for overly sweet things in general now, but soda is like drinking syrup to me.

MaryFran said...

Fast food.......ick ick ick! I used to eat it all the time...but I literally get sick if I eat it now.

Conversally, I have found that my tastes for healthy foods has changed. I ate some pineapple the other day and I sat at the table in rapture because it tasted so good. That would have NEVER been me a few years ago!