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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its Official... I Lost My Mind


That's what I did on the StairMaster tonight! Insane? Wasn't it just a few weeks ago I was whining because I couldn't do more than 40 floors? Honestly, I don't know what the heck possessed me...

George has been wreaking havoc all freakin day & on the way to the gym I was planning to do a light workout - some bike & treadmill. I get there, walk in, see its kind of dead & hop on the StairMaster. The first 50 floors were relatively tough... then it was like something took over my body & I was on auto-pilot or something. Not only was I continuing to climb, I was amusing myself by climbing at angles & walking with my hands on my hips! OMG, forcing yourself to climb without hanging on seriously kicks up the intensity a lot... you really have to engage your core to keep from falling off. Doing it for floors 190-200 was pushing the limit... I actually had visions of the staff running to see if I had survived the fall, lol.

I do have to admit, there was a point in the middle where I was more than a bit nauseas. As I was climbing I kept looking down thinking they should have barf buckets between the machines for crazy people that think they can do insane things. Logically, that would be a bit messy... ewww can you imagine? Maybe barf bags attached to the machine would be better - like the air sickness bags on airplanes. Thank goodness the urge passed... cuz in the world of sickness there is NOTHING I hate more than that, lol.

My workout for the day: 210 floors (insane!) and 3.5 miles on the bike... almost 1,200 calories burned. Don't know what the heck happened to a "light" workout.

Two hours post workout and my abdominal muscles are screaming! Its gotta be from the hands-free time... cuz I didn't do any core sets.

And as I'm typing, I think I know what possessed me... here's the proof I lost my mind... silly me took Midol before I headed to the gym. I was so focused on seeing how many floors I could reach that I didn't stop to think. My body had no clue what I was doing to it! I think its starting to figure it out, lol.

What's the most insane thing you've ever done at the gym or while working out?


Buzzy & Breezelys Mama said...

OMG YOU ARE INSANE! LOL but you go girl. You rock those 200 floors and tell em who CAN and who WILL. :) So proud of you and hoping one day soon I can follow in your prodigal (if not Midol driven) footsteps. :)

cmoursler said...

one hour on my ellitical and then 15 minutes on a stair master followed by situps.
I think I was going to hurl too. lol.
great workout.

Crys said...

That is CRAZY! I'm so afraid of the stairmaster it's not even funny. I eyeball it all the time but haven't bought myself to giving it a go. Maybe I'll add that to my "to do" list! Awesome workout! said...

woah nelly!! that's amazing!! Gosh, i need one of those toys!!

Luna Moon said...

Good job!

Deciding to close my eyes as I ran on the treadmill. I fell off and skinned my legs. Not to mention I now have a fear of falling off again.

clickmom said...

I'm taking the stair master challenge today! 200 flights it is! (I know where every trash can at my gym is and the fastest route to it- been there too)

PhluffyPrincess said...

wow julie! that is INSANE! my quads literally scream at me when i do the stairmaster - but i think i shall do it tonight! i've not done anything insane yet...just getting to the point of working out regularly!!! you're my SHE-RO! lol.

Melissa said...

WOW! You are a beast! 1200 calories BURNED? Freaking fantastic.

Greta from said...

The Chrissy Workout that I just posted on my blog today. It slayed me. I am such a weenie with those burpees.

The stair mills are right by the bathroom at my gym...maybe for a quick puke

Midol has caffeine..that might have helped fuel your insanity.

Sounds like GOOD insanity, go! :)