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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Alone, I'm Sad

and OMG, I WANT TO EAT! What is wrong with me? I'm a social eater, not an emotional eater.

But, as I've been sitting here with tears streaming down my face for the last hour, I keep thinking of what food might taste good enough to comfort me & stop the tears. This is not me, I don't do this... I swear I don't.

Why am I like this today?

Well... let's see here... Monday is the anniversary of when my Dad died and as I've hinted at in the past there are things that have come up over the last few months which are making it way harder to deal with this year... processing "new" things I guess you could say. I knew I was likely to have a hard time "dealing" over the weekend and I knew The Husband was most likely going to be stuck at work all weekend (I am & he is). So on Monday I asked the BFF if we could take the kids to Chuck E Cheese today. I try not to eat there, but the kids have fun playing (and to be honest so do I). Plus, I figured get out of the house, keep busy, I'd be okay emotionally. Its just when I'm alone with my thoughts that I can't seem to deal. Anyway, she said that would work & she'd see if her new boyfriend wanted to come along with his daughter too. No problem there, he seems to be a nice guy and his daughter gets along well with my son (no small feat there, lol).

Thursday the BFF tells me that she is sending her daughter to her Dad's for the weekend and then starts listing her plans for the weekend - clean up day at the dog park (with the bf I'm sure) and he's doing a bunch of maintenance on her vehicle for her. Whoa! What happened to our plans? But of course, I'm not in the mood for drama or excuses so I don't say anything. Bottom line, she "forgot" or decided she'd rather do something else... and I'm home... alone... crying my little eyes out... and no way to go anywhere since The Husband has our one and only vehicle at work. Yes, technically my son is home and yes, I'll probably try to get him to do something with me later in the day... but he just got a new game for his DS so that could be more fight than its worth.

I guess the silver lining to this is that there's not really any bad for me foods in the house except that chocolate from yesterday's post (thank God I don't bring them in)... now if I can just keep from going overboard what is here... Do you remember all of the cheese in the pic yesterday? Its all in the fridge along with enough bagels, english muffins & tortillas to make an elephant fat...

After all I've been through... please do not let this be where I turn into an emotional eater!


LauraLynne said...

*hugs* hang in there - we ARE here...just not in person. Hang out with us in cyberspace. It's no chucky cheese but who knows - it could be fun!

PhluffyPrincess said...

i am glad i checked for new posts before heading out today - to let you know you aren't alone. in person yes, but in spirit and prayers, no. i do hope you find peace soon!

fitncrafty said...

I am so sorry that you are having a rough day... Some days are like that and they are no good. I am having a day like that myself. The kids are fighting the husband is not being nice and quite frankly I want to cry and stuff my face. Only by the grace of god am I not...
I went for some retail therapy and I think I am heading out to the mall alone, because I want out of this house.

Tomorrow am I am doing yoga with Jillian... I love me some new exercise videos!!

Hugs and hoping your day gets better!

Melissa said...

I'm sorry that your friend sucks. You can't control that, but you can control the way you react to the situation.

You can do this. Don't let her actions get you down.

I hope your day has gotten better.

Scuttleboose said...

Lots of BIG HUGS for you! I would say put on a chick flick, pop a bag of 100 calorie popcorn, and drink a girly cocktail! :)

She woke up FAT said...

HUGS. That's all... just giving you hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
I am sorry that you are sad! Is it too late for a walk on the beach? Oh, and I like previous posters idea of the chic flic and popcorn! :) (hugs) you are not alone. Praying that you have a better day tomorrow!

Crys said...

These little land mines pop up don't they? I'm having a day myself only I did some major damage at On the Border. It's just a moment and it'll pass. I can attests to the fact that if you eat you will feel worse. Hang in there!

Greta from said...

Sounds like you need a good movie or a good book...and maybe a bubble bath thrown in. Hang in there...we are all out here and happy to help cheer you up. Hugs. is just my oldest and me home today and he also got a new DS he has had his nose stuck in it most the day. Kids!

. said...

Fortunately you are aware of how you are feeling. So often we just grab the food without even thinking about why we are eating and what is driving us to do it.
) Communicate with others however you can
)have a cheat list...years ago I read a book called "The dr's diet for teenage girls" or something like that. I was 12. One thing I remeber was a cheat list. When you want to eat something bad or you just wnat to eat for reasons other than hunger, you had to eat in a certain order. I don't remember everything, but it went something like this.

1-raw veggies
2-cooked veggies
4-? but they had hard boiled eggs, nuts, beans, cheese etc and if you wanted say chocolate you had to eat about 20 things before getting there...chances are you would not do it, would be satisfied way before or just give up.

That of course takes discipline itself. The other day i wanted something and just thought of the cheat list and decided against it. I would love to locate such a list again.