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During the summer 0f 2008, I woke up one morning with a drive to live a healthy lifestyle. Since then, I've made many changes and lost nearly 50 pounds. Many of my friends and family members have come to me, asking about what I'm doing & how I'm doing it. While I certainly would never claim to be an expert, I'm happy to share what I've learned along the way.

So after careful thought... "The Accidental Fat Chick" has hatched... with the hope of helping at least one person and to be the accountability I need to finish what I started. :)

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Note to Self: Do NOT Pour Boiling Soup on Your Fingers!!! + Progress Pics

Guess what I did today: I made a delicious veggie soup & in the process of putting it into containers I managed to pour a whole ladle full over my hand. OUCHIE!!!! Thank goodness most of it was deflected by the container I had in my hand; however, my middle finger is bright red & blistering nicely. The good news is the soup came out awesome & I have four containers of it in the fridge for later in the week. Its my habit to throw soups together with whatever is on hand, so as soon as I retrace my steps & figure out exactly what I threw in the pot I will share the recipe. :-)

I did my scale day... I was down a little, .2 lb...which is somewhat disappointing, but I'll take it. The past week wasn't one of the greatest efforts as far as eating & getting to the gym.

Finally, progress pics!!!

These are just from January til now; I'll have to dig for a true "before" pic at some point. My plan is to do them on the first day of each month throughout the year. Putting them all side-by-side, the changes are subtle yet striking to me. Three things I really notice: 1) the muffin top is slowly becoming less noticeable, 2) my posture seems much straighter in the March photo and 3) my hair is growing really fast.
The outfit in these pics is my absolute favorite workout outfit. The story of piecing it together may be part of why I love it so much. Its a matched set, but I got it on two separate trips to Ross. The pants I had carried through the store & put back so I could get a handbag (yeah, I have a handbag addiction & I admit it lol). They were the only pair like them, so I knew I'd never get them. The next time we went, as expected, they were no where to be seen. But, a month or so later, we stopped in and they were there! I was so excited & even though I wasn't planning to buy pants I had to get them... they were meant to be, right?!? Its with mixed feelings that I report the pants have been retired from my workout wardrobe. They are just too big, the legs too wide, seriously I'll be face-planting on the StairMaster or treadmill if I try to wear them. Time to begin the search for their replacement... darn it... a reason to go shopping yet again! :-D
What is your favorite brand and/or style of workout pants?


Shelli Ryan said...

I can tell a difference in those progress pics! Keep up the good work!
My favorite workout pants are ones that I know I'm not going to fool with. I like comfort, something I can move in and looking good in them is nice too!

Scuttleboose said...

Your pics show a lot of progress! Congrats!
I LOVE Target work-out pants (they might be Champion brand?), particularly because they have three different levels of "stretchiness". One day, I´ll get down to the most stretchy pants... :)

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

Woo Hoo... Go Girl! You can totally see some changes in your body. Your arm looks smaller. I never thought to go to Ross for workout clothes. I usually get clothes from wherever or my mom will pick something up for me. I don't have a favorite brand, usually the free clothes my mom gives me is the best. So free is always my