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During the summer 0f 2008, I woke up one morning with a drive to live a healthy lifestyle. Since then, I've made many changes and lost nearly 50 pounds. Many of my friends and family members have come to me, asking about what I'm doing & how I'm doing it. While I certainly would never claim to be an expert, I'm happy to share what I've learned along the way.

So after careful thought... "The Accidental Fat Chick" has hatched... with the hope of helping at least one person and to be the accountability I need to finish what I started. :)

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scale Day Report & Other Ramblings

197.8... that's the number that greeted me on the scale this morning. That's a gain of nearly two pounds (1.8 to be exact). Am I upset? Am I beating myself up? Nope, not at all. Yes, I'm disappointed in the gain... but at the same I am well aware that it could have been much worse considering the week I had. Though it was a rough week, I'm right back into my normal routine... so onward with no huge fits of regret.

I kept exercise to a minimum today - one hour on the bike. Its really all of the time I had. This new schedule The Husband is on BLOWS big time. If I go back to sleep in the morning (like I did today) there is no way I can get enough gym time before he has to leave for work. Here we are on day two of the schedule & he's already moaning about not getting to see me...

Food started out on a good note today - breakfast was oat pancakes with a little reduced fat peanut butter & sliced banana - and has gone steadily downhill from there. Trying to accommodate the family, I bought a package of hot dogs planning to eat one. Well, I ate my one for lunch... and let me tell ya right now it will be super easy to stick to just one - the thing was beyond nasty! It was a "quality brand" but the taste was so gross, I barely choked it down (seriously should have thrown it away & eaten something else). This type of experience is good because yeah I won't be tempted by the rest of the package sitting there, but bad because I will be munchy hungry because I was so unsatisfied by the meal. Sure enough, an hour or so later I found myself in the kitchen browsing the cupboards. I ended up making some nachos... but at least I measured - 1 oz of tortilla chips with 1 1/2 oz of 2% Mexican blend cheese. That seems to have ebbed the munchies... thank goodness! Dinner tonight is Erika's wonderful pasta salad... I will try not to overindulge... I may need two glasses of water before I eat, lol.

Have you ever noticed that the gym you go to in an effort to get (or be) healthy also offers an array of "unhealthy" options? This had never really occurred to me before, but one of my cousins posted on her Facebook status that she was thinking of tanning at the gym today & it started me thinking. My gym is filled with "unhealthy" options! There's the tanning beds - which I understand bronzed skin is important to some people - but knowing that tanning is as dangerous if not more so than exposure to the sun, I'll take a pass on that "unhealthy" option. Then there's the Smoothie Bar - beckoning by the front counter as I walk toward the exit. Every drink there is a minimum of 300 calories for the small ones & loaded with sugar. My only saving grace is that I rarely take my purse into the building & no money means no smoothie for me - which is a good thing. Why is it that this place that is there to encourage a "healthy lifestyle" offers all of these unhealthy options?

Does your gym offer "unhealthy" options? What are they?


Mad Woman said...

My gym has a Subway in the front lobby. Drives me crazy because of course the cookies are right on the front counter at eye level. So I've started leaving my purse in the trunk of my car so I'm not tempted.

It sounds like you're in a great frame of mind about the gain this week. Good for you!

cmoursler said...

To my amusement...when I first started going I noticed the vending machine in the lobby filled with candy bars and twinkies and all sorts of crap.
I couldn't believe that they had that crap at the gym
It seems like a racket to me.

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

Well I don't worry about the tanning. I was born with one. I am thinking about joining a join and it will be interesting to see what unhealthy options they offer.

I like your attitude concerning your gain. That's right...keep on moving and forgive yourself.

MaryFran said...

My husband and I just recently switched gyms...mainly for's only $10 a month per person. (in comparison to hte $30-35 we were paying per person before...HUGE difference). I laughed out loud during their sales pitch because I thought they were joking....they actually have a bagel morning where you can get your breakfast bagel at the gym and they have a pizza night!!! They always have tootsie rolls on the counter!!! I'm being dead serious!!!

DCKate said...

My gym has a whole ROW of vending machines! One for coffee/hot chocolate/flavored coffee drinks, two with snacks, one with soda and one with powerade. AND, they have an ice cream freezer behind the desk that they sell ice cream bars, etc, from!

In a spot of defense, it's technically a county "Recreation" center, so they have things like art classes and camps and stuff... but it's primarily for working out and sports!