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During the summer 0f 2008, I woke up one morning with a drive to live a healthy lifestyle. Since then, I've made many changes and lost nearly 50 pounds. Many of my friends and family members have come to me, asking about what I'm doing & how I'm doing it. While I certainly would never claim to be an expert, I'm happy to share what I've learned along the way.

So after careful thought... "The Accidental Fat Chick" has hatched... with the hope of helping at least one person and to be the accountability I need to finish what I started. :)

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lost & Floundering

Holy crap! I can't believe how long its been since I posted. Seriously, I NEVER EVER meant to go so long between posts.... I don't even know what happened. Life I guess. Things got crazy finishing up the job. My Mom needed extra stuff. I reconnected with some old friends. The long neglected yard demanded time and attention. The Boy One has been having serious issues with behavior & his allergies. The list goes on...

The thing is I feel like I've gotten lost - at least the me that is focused on living a healthy lifestyle & putting those needs first. The me that needs a full life & time with friends is thriving - except I feel like crap because I know its taking time away from the gym & the food choices have been dismal at best. I 100% feel like I'm floundering - trying to figure out how to make it all work together. Its time to forge a new path... and find a new way to balance it all... I guess part of what I'm having a hard time with is that it will mean doing things that others might perceive as rude (like bringing my own meals along when I'm invited over) and I HATE the notion of appearing bitchy or "obsessed." But then on the flip side, I suppose they should understand. Sigh... it sucks trying to be a people pleaser all the time...

Two really apparent things... no matter how busy I am, I NEED to find time to blog DAILY. It so helps keep the focus where it needs to be. And, I absolutely have to track my food, especially if I'm loading up on what I'm offered other places. Just a quick example of what I'm dealing with here... dinner one night was grilled pork chops (not too bad), three starches and a minuscule amount of veggies. Oh and who among us thinks that sandwiches (on white bread) with margarine, bologna and cheese is a healthy meal? lol

The Deployment Challenge has taken a backseat to everything- which I guess means I've put my own needs on the back burner. I admit it and I'm miserable about it. It's well thought out for how things were - not so much for how things have turned out. Month two is definitely going to have some more flexibility built into it.

For the first month, I pretty much failed on all of my goals... except I managed to lose weight for the month. Despite backsliding badly this last 7-10 days, I pulled out a 1.6 pound loss for the month... far from what I was hoping for but I'm thankful for it. My StairMaster day resulted in 210 floors. My Bike Marathon day is supposed to be tomorrow, but I already know its going to have to wait until Thursday or Friday because I won't have enough time to spend that long at the gym until then. But I will do it.

And for the better late than never part of my post... my BIG news...

I'm going to Cali for a week in mid-July... by myself! I'll be visiting my niece and relaxing. The Boy One will be here with the sitter... I am so relieved to have someone I can trust to keep him for that long. Plus, the BFF will be in town if there is a major issue while I'm gone. Its going to be soooooo nice to get away and relax for a few days! I can't wait!!!

I'm off to the gym... but I swear I will NEVER go so long without blogging again... seriously. If I forget to blog about this, someone needs to be in charge of reminding me til I do it... I had a "hair removal experience" that ranks right up there with Drazil & her powder...

Hope you've all been doing well. I'll try to catch up on some reading later. :)


Nicky said...

Welcome back! We all have periods where we fall off the gym wagon, but at least now you're back on and you've learned how important taking that gym/blogging time is to your sanity--I know I've had similar experiences. Anyway, so glad to see you posting again and you can do it! Cali will be amazing!

Drazil said...

Flounder no more - we are all here for you and we love you and miss you!

cmoursler said...

The funny thing is, a deployment challenge is just that already...let alone adding the rest.
Don't ding yourself too badly. Also, don't think your friends will be too p*ssed if you bring diet friendly food. If they are good friends, it shouldn't be an issue.
Have fun on your trip.

Corletta said...

You know...if everyone else is happy, but you're it worth it? Is it worth being a people pleaser? You're exactly right; they will understand. You know...they might even fix or buy things that are healthy. You may just be the one to set the precedent!!!

Carmen said...

you will have a great time on your trip!! we are all here for you -)

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