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Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Rollercoaster

This weekend seems to have had it all...

Quiet relaxation.

Hysterical laughter.

Tears of sadness.

Tense arguments filled with hurtful words.

Goofy chats.

Productive discussions.

Saturday was mostly about fun... we went to some yard sales & had friends over for dinner. We found new chair cushions for the patio furniture & I got a new plant for the backyard; so looking forward to sitting out there and enjoying the view this summer. I skipped out on working, thank goodness for the ultra flexible schedule right now.

Sunday was a day of productivity. I actually convinced The Husband to do some last minute things that I needed (or thought I needed) his help with... pictures hung, desk moved from the garage to the office, large bags of potting soil hauled to the backyard, etc. We went to the furniture store on base to look at living room stuff... just so I have an idea of what he likes when I go shopping for it (which had better be soon considering we've been using "lovely" folding chairs for living room furniture since the beginning of the month, lol). They are supposed to be having a big sale over Memorial Day... so hopefully I can find something good. I even managed to work for a couple hours in the evening... aren't ya proud of me? lol

Food and exercise still seem to elude me... but I'm okay with it being that way til he leaves. My body did a workout of sorts today... between moving furniture & working on the yard... so I guess that counts for something, right? I love Chris' idea of a "Deployment Challenge" and have been brainstorming on it all day.

My two favorite things about the weekend...

This dress... a size 12!!!!!

I picked it up at Ross a couple of months ago... it was a little clingy (aka tight)... but now it fits perfect. Also, I'm discovering a really odd reality... I'm beginning to like pictures of myself... this is totally foreign to me. I have always HATED to have my picture taken.

My second favorite thing about the weekend... I got The Husband an early Father's Day gift. Not just a gift... but a one of a kind, artist's original drawing of the aircraft he has spent his whole Navy career working on. Better still, this drawing depicts an aircraft of the actual squadron he is attached to right now (and has spent well over half of his career with). The artist was at the festival we went to at the end of last month, and had the drawing displayed there, but we couldn't afford it then. Not that we could really afford it now with all of the other expenses leading to deployment, but I called the artist when I got my paycheck on Wednesday and made arrangements to purchase it anyway. Its just one of those things that I felt like he was meant to have... I don't know how to explain it. He complained a little about me spending the money on it, but I could tell he was really pleased because I kept catching him staring at it. Needless to say, its one of the pictures he hung up today.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Miz said...

lovelovelove this post as it is so illustrative of life.
the rollercoaster ups and down.

I also adore the gift. That kind of special thing is WORTH spending the money on unlike, say, an ipad :)
I am having my husband made a quilt out of his old treasured tees.
same thing (cant afford really decided to do anyway).
I hope he has the same reaction to it as you husband.

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Tricia said...

you look lovely

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Drazil said...

Okay for real - you look like a Disney Princess in this picture. It is so whimsical and elegant and you look amazing. LOVE IT!

Jamie said...

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cmoursler said...

That dress is great!
You look great, and it gives your husband a nice memory of you.
My husband doesn't like to spend money either. But later they really appreciate it.
I know about pre deployment arguments. It was usually a case of him being tense and distant and my being emotional and wanting to be 'close'. Tell your husband good luck and thanks. And thanks to you too..for being the one to hold everything together back home so he can do his job.

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Mary (A Merry Life) said...

Love love love that dress! You look lovely!

Fashion Meets Food said...

You look amazing! For some reason this post made me so emotional!


Girl Bandit said...

What an amzing and he must be thrilled. Congrats on the dress

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