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Friday, July 30, 2010

Victoria Secret, Shaving & Jeans in 15

That's the deal I struck with a friend of mine tonight... new jeans for both of us when we each lose 15 pounds. This was his pronouncement tonight... his way of pacing his spending since the jeans he's eyeing are over $300. Seriously, who buys jeans for $300???? Let's just say he shops at Nordstrom while I spend my time in Ross, lol. Anyway, it seemed like a good idea and I agreed to it... cuz let me tell you all right now I did plenty of shopping on my vacation. No joke - I had to go to Ross & buy another suitcase to come home. Thank goodness I flew Southwest so I could check a second bag without paying.

Margatini Night was lots of fun. Our favorite bartender wasn't there, but the chick didn't do too bad with our drinks. I think the waiter had a serious crush on my BFF and we took full advantage... pretty sure he was blushing under that dark skin of his, lol. Then there was the guy sitting across from us that had statue of liberty hair, high water pants & socks pulled up to his knees. Oh and I can't forget the waitress flitting around the restaurant that had her hair done to look like a Holly Hobbie doll. It all combined for a much needed giggle for both of us.

The time has come... to share the story of my most recent visit to Victoria Secret. Let me start by saying that I'm standing there digging through the baskets of discounted bras & across the table from me is this very uncomfortable looking guy with his wife/girlfriend. The woman and I are both loading up on the pretty colored bras in our respective sizes. She then starts pulling out some neutral, beige ones. He looks at them, frowns and says something about those not being nearly as sexy as the colored ones. Without even thinking, I look up and say to him... "bras aren't always about sex appeal for the guy; girls need them for function too ya know." The poor guy (who I have little sympathy for) turned about six shade of red, lol.

After gathering my arm load of possibilities I headed to the fitting room... which was an experience in itself. Eight bras all in my supposed size... the first one was so tight I would have been lucky to squeeze one of the girls into the darn thing! It was so darn tight, I literally felt like the life was being squeezed out of me... I swear it was really mismarked, some one's idea of a joke or I was being secretly video taped. Bras 2-5 all had enough extra room for me to grow into (no thank you). Number six turned out to be pure perfection... good fit, a smidge of wiggle room, no spillage and flaming red! I didn't bother trying the last two. Now what to do with the flaming red bra?!? Well go out and find matching panties of course, lol.

The best part of the Victoria Secret experience... I managed to totally avoid the over helpful sales girl that wanted to come in there and feel me up. Pretty sure I can happily live the rest of my life without the sales girl coming to adjust things for me. That ranks right up there with my "love" of female OB docs... would so rather have a guy digging around down there (sorry if that's TMI)... is that weird?

And since my post is spiraling toward the gutter... I just as well share this too... an NSV of sorts.

There I was in the bathroom - shortly before my trip - shaving the whootananny region. SIDE NOTE: Is it bad that I now think of Draz and her "powder" experiment every time I'm doing this? Anyway... I realized as I was shaving... OMG, I can see everything now!!!! I don't know when that happened... but wow in an oh um sorta way, lol! 50 pounds ago, 40 pounds ago, 30 pounds ago... I had to use a mirror when I was shaving if I wanted to see everything... so this is HUGE.

Enough gutter talk... next up is a vacation report. For now though, I must go fall into bed...


Ice Queen said...

Ha! Telling Mr. That's Not Sexy Enough off sounds like something I would do. Good for you! More men need to lean that little lesson. Yes, they do. ^^

Now I want a flaming red bra.

I can think of worse things than Draz to pop into your head when you are shaving your nether regions. lolol

Drazil said...

Isn't it funny - that whole seeing your vagizzle without holding stuff out of the way? I still love that feeling. You turd - how did you get in there without being felt up? I was felt up and Jenny took a pic of me in every bra I tried on!!! Red- oh I bet that's pretty on you!

Scarlett said...
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Scarlett said...

I gave up on Victoria's Secret long ago...a combination of the too-friendly sales girls and the bras not fitting got to me. The sales girls would INSIST they had a bra in my size and would re-measure me constantly. I would tell them NO bra they carried would fit. They didn't then and they don't now. I won't even go their for panties anymore. I go to a nice little shop that carries bras made for girls of all sizes: I have a small rib cage and big boobs. Not easy to find.

PS- I love red bras. It's like you have a sexy secret under your clothes!

Ginger said...

that was freaking awesome post. glad that you told that guy what up. we need to be comfortable when we are sexy lol

cmoursler said...

I totally get the male obgyn thing. I don't know why, but I feel better with a man...preferably in his fifties..or sixties.
The worst one was a young one in his 20's and good looking.
nuff said.
I mean if it was a date, I would have made sure everything was situated...lololol.

MaryFran said...

Seeing the whole whootananny region is a HUGE HUGE HUGE NSV...and when I get there, I'll be shouting it from the rooftops myself! :-)